Concentration Camp Pajamas

Zara's Striped Shirt with "Star of David" Design in 2014

Tragic events impact our history by leaving impressions of the trauma and devastation that can occur within the world. Some of these incidences fall under the concept of, “History should never be repeated.” Fashion consists of recycling ideas from past decades, such as oversized denim jackets from the ‘80s and the ‘60s/’70s bohemian style. However, there are times in which fashion fails by reviving a certain look that should never return.

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In August 2014, Zara retracted a children’s pajama shirt with what appeared to be the “Star of David” stitched on the front. Although the emblem was supposed to resemble a sheriff’s badge, it was the blue and white stripes that caused an uproar of complaints; the shirt looked quite similar to the uniforms Jewish prisoners wore in concentration camps during WWII.

Zara apologized to many of the comments they received on social media, and released a formal statement about removing the piece from both their website and production.

(Source: Twitter)

This was not the first time Zara sold an item with an inappropriate symbol from the past. In 2007, Zara recalled handbags with a swastika sewn on the side.

(Source: Twitter)

Repeating something so horrendous makes me wonder, “Will Zara ever learn from their mistakes?” Even though Zara mentioned that there is the word “Sheriff” on the badge, the font is barely visible. Also, since when do cops wear blue and white-striped uniforms? Zara receives a lot of backlash already, especially since they are one of the leaders in fast-fashion companies. Because of their status within the fashion industry, it would be difficult for a brand like this to go out of business. However, I feel that if you cannot be conscious towards one factor (i.e the environment), how difficult is it to be conscious in another one that is so simple?

Nazis murdered countless Jewish people during the 1900’s. Why should their symbol or the uniform of their victims be commercialized? Religion in fashion is also a sensitive topic since it could be labelled cultural appropriation. Staple businesses like Zara need to censor what they release in their stores; their influence on trends reflect onto other companies.

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